Everything You Need to Know About Sleeper Sofas!

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Everything You Need to Know About Sleeper Sofas!

Are sleeper sofas poorly made? Are sleeper sofas still uncomfortable? Are they even stylish? Doug Miller answers all of these questions and more as he debunks 5 common myths about sleeper sofas.

00:00 Introduction
01:14 Table of contents
01:39 Can sleeper sofas be stylish?
02:14 Different styles of sleeper sofas
02:40 Do sleeper sofas come in more than one size?
03:18 Are sleeper sofas uncomfortable?
04:38 Do sleeper sofas have poor build quality?
05:00 Improvements
05:51 Are sleeper sofas a niche item?
06:21 Who would benefit from a sleeper sofa
06:47 Does the price affect the quality?
07:39 Want to learn more about sleeper sofas?
07:55 Conclusion

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